Modular Blower Air Handler – MX Series

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The MX Series indoor modular blowers offer flexible options, including electric heat or hot water heat models. ADP air handlers are 100% tested to ensure reliable performance and are designed to save time on installation.

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Key Features
  • Modular blower offering flexible options and ideal for a variety of applications
  • 208/240 V 5-speed high-efficiency ECM motor with field-installed electric heat kits
  • 120 V PSC motor with hot water heat factory installed
  • Combine with an existing ADP coil in inventory to reduce SKUs
  • Upflow, downflow, and horizontal left or right configurations
  • Size: Available 1.5 – 5 tons
  • Motor: 3 Speed PSC and 5-speed high-efficiency ECM motor
  • Heat: Factory installed hot water heat, or field installed electric heat
MX Series Products are Most Suited in the Following Regions

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MX E 08 00 N 2 E
Hot Water Coil
Blower Motor
C: 3-speed PSC motor
E: 5-speed ECM motor
08: 800 CFM
12: 1,200 CFM
16: 1,600 CFM
20: 2,000 CFM
Hot Water Coil
00: No hot water coil
WP: Hot water coil with pump
WN: Hot water coil without pump
AP: Hot water coil with 130°F aquastat & pump
AN: Hot water coil with 130°F aquastat without pump
Line Voltage Connection
N: Stripped wire
2: 208/240V, 60Hz, 1ph. with time delay
4: 120V, 60Hz, 1ph. with time delay
Heat Size
B: 3 row hot water coil (available on 08 & 20 models)
C: 4 row hot water coil (available on 08, 12 & 16 models)
E: No heat (electric heat kits sold separately)
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