About ADP

Advanced Distributor Products (ADP) started with a vision to produce the best evaporator coils in the country. In 1992, ADP began production in Grenada, Mississippi. Our innovative culture is fully supported by a research and development laboratory, which includes areas for testing, assembling, and designing future products.

Why ADP?

  • Leading US manufacturer of evaporator coils and air handlers
  • Built to the highest quality standards
  • Microban® antimicrobial technology
  • Advanced performance testing simulation software
  • Broadest product line in the industry – thousands of variations available
  • Products designed to match perfectly with any system
  • Personalized programs for distributor partners
  • Custom product strategies to meet local needs
  • Short lead times
  • Low warranty rates with simple claim process
  • Insights from industry experts
  • Focused on distributor and dealer success
  • Quick and easy installation in the field

Company History & Timeline

Began indoor Evaporator Coil production
Introduced Air Handler Line
Established industry-exclusive Microban partnership
Introduced aluminum tube and fin coils
Developed hairpin manufacturing building to increase quality control
Launched Hybrid aluminum design to include copper header for improved reliability
Opened brand new 288,000 sq. ft. Distribution Center

ADP is the #1 producer of residential evaporator coils in the USA.

While it all started with evaporator coils, ADP is now known for much more. We offer a large selection of high-quality indoor HVAC products, including a wide selection of styles and configurations of evaporator coils, air handlers, and unit heaters. We supply over 500 HVAC distributors at more than 4,000 points of distribution throughout North America.

ADP has built a strong heritage of Innovation and Responsibility. Our position as an innovation leader continually inspires us to promote more efficient energy use and a healthier environment through our product operations. We are proud to exhibit our core values of integrity, respect, and excellence in every aspect of our business.