Modular Blower – Moduleflex eFurnace™

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The surge in electrification and decarbonization efforts is leading to a significant uptick in the demand for heat pump systems. With millions of traditional gas furnace installations across the country, this shift has created a need for a gas furnace replacement, especially one that makes it as easy as possible for you, the contractor, to replace a gas furnace and air conditioner with a heat pump system.

ADP’s new Moduleflex eFurnace™ is a gas furnace replacement modular blower powered by a 120-volt, 5-speed, high-efficiency ECM motor. With this product, there’s no need to run a new 240-volt circuit when a gas furnace is being replaced. And the high-efficiency motor can help the system meet rebate or tax credit efficiency levels for SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2.

The Moduleflex eFurnace™ is designed to match industry-standard furnace footprints. It has either side- or bottom-return capability, so it’s a drop-in replacement in most applications. Install it in vertical (upflow or downflow) or horizontal (left or right) configurations, right out of the box with no need for kits or conversions. At only 30 inches tall, Moduleflex eFurnace™ is shorter than most gas furnaces, giving you more room to fit a larger evaporator coil and minimizing the need for ductwork modifications during a changeout.

Other features include:
  • Multiple knockouts for electrical and thermostat wiring to minimize any needed changes
  • A screw-down terminal strip with five motor speeds for quick and easy thermostat wiring
  • A front door with only four screws for total access, featuring a handle that makes door removal easy
  • A fully insulated cabinet and panels to reduce sound
  • A provided bottom-return block-off plate for side-return applications
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This product uses electricity to save on energy usage and reduce greenhouse gasses.

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Key Features
  • True replacement for an existing gas furnace as a no-heat unit
  • Upflow, downflow, and horizontal left or right airflow
  • No Heat only for mild climates
  • 30” tall – shorter than any gas furnace
  • Side Return capable (both sides)
  • 120 V, 5-Speed ECM motor
  • Size: Available 1.5 – 5 tons
  • Motor: 5 speed ECM motor
  • Heat: No Heat
Moduleflex eFurnaces are Most Suited in the Following Regions

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AEF E 3 A 00 S 1 H H 1
Blower Motor
E: 5-speed ECM motor
3: 3 Ton / 600-1200 CFM
4: 4 Ton / 1000-1600 CFM
5: 5 Ton / 1400-2000 CFM
Cabinet Width
A: 14.3"
B: 17.5"
C: 21.0"
D: 24.5"
Electric Heat
00: No heat
Line voltage Connection
S: Stripped Wires
1: 120V, 60Hz, 1 ph, with time delay
Cabinet Color
Front Panel Color
A: Armstrong
D: Ducane/
J: Goodman/
N: Nordyne
P: Carrier/
R: Rheem/
T: Trane/
American Std.
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