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The time for electrification is now. At Advanced Distributor Products, we’re helping to make it a reality.

The Earth’s temperature is rising, due in part to increased greenhouse gases such as CO2 in the atmosphere. Those rising temperatures, extreme weather events, droughts, flooding – all point to the need for change. While governmental regulations sometimes force that change, our concern for the world’s future goes beyond legislation.

The pressure is on all of us to set and meet new standards as we alter our approaches to heating and cooling our spaces. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, buildings account for nearly 40% of the nation’s total energy demand. How we heat and cool the air in those spaces can make a real difference in decarbonizing the atmosphere.

For sustainable HVAC solutions that can help meet the evolving needs of the market, turn to our innovative Moduleflex eFurnace™ and F Series and B Series air handlers. With ADP evaporator coils fitting directly on top of the eFurnace and already installed in the F and B Series air handlers, installation is simple.

ADP Leads the Way with the Simplest Solutions

Together, let’s make a significant impact on the industry. As partners, let’s contribute to a greener future.

Simplest Solutions to Electrification

Gas Furnace Replacement Modular Blower - Moduleflex eFurnace™

The surge in electrification and decarbonization efforts is leading to a significant uptick in the demand for heat pump systems.

  • True replacement for an existing gas furnace as a no-heat unit
  • Multiple knockouts for electrical and thermostat wiring to minimize any needed changes
  • A screw-down terminal strip with five motor speeds for quick and easy thermostat wiring
  • A front door with only four screws for total access, featuring a handle that makes door removal easy

Low Profile Air Handler - F Series

A compact, efficient solution that’s perfect for single or multi-family use, the F Series air handler is designed to meet the industry’s new energy efficiency standards.

  • Compact, lightweight design, up to 12 inches shorter than the comparable OEM models
  • Multi-position configurations including upflow, downflow, and horizontal left or right
  • Electric or no heat, with PSC or 5-speed high-efficiency ECM motor

Multi-Position & Hydronic Air Handler - B Series

The B Series offers several options for air handler flexibility, including electric or hot water heat, as well as standard or variable-speed motors.

  • Multi-position, hydronic for northern climates where heat can be supplied by electric or hot water
  • Plug and play multi-function control board
  • Side-return option available on 12-36 BTU/H models

Ease of Installation


No additional installation parts needed

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Rounded 3/4" Duct Flange

Safe and easy installation

adp duct flange comparison



Drain Plugs Factory Installed

Green/red drainplugs for easy indentification during installation

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Two-Piece Option for Installation Benefits

The eFurnace, F Series, and B Series air handlers offer simplified installation. With ADP evaporator coils fitting directly on top of the eFurnace and already installed in the F and B Series.

adp two piece installation piece one adp two piece installation piece two

Help Your Customers Save Big with Rebates

Funding has been allocated to each state for Home Efficiency Rebates and Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates. But each state has to apply to DOE with details on how the state will administer the funds. As a resource, DOE has published a tracker for the status of the applications by states for funds for IRA rebates. To check on the status of your state, click here. To learn more on the rebates and to understand how ADP products can help you sell systems that meet rebate requirements, reach out to your ADP Representative.

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