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We’re proud to unveil our groundbreaking solution for the low-GWP transition: FlexCoil. Engineered to give you the flexibility you need in 2024 and beyond.

FlexCoil is exactly what the name implies, one coil, any refrigerant, offering the flexibility you need for 2024 and beyond. FlexCoil is designed to help HVAC distributors and installers succeed through this year’s refrigerant transition.

Under the new EPA rules, the installation of systems beginning January 1, 2025, must use a refrigerant with a low global warming potential (GWP). However, until January 1, 2026, new systems can still use R410A, but specified components such as condensing units and evaporator coils used in those installations, must be manufactured before January 1, 2025.

As you can expect, all manufacturers have been concentrating their efforts on developing new products and getting them in the field as quickly as possible for this transition. However, they won’t all be released at the same time.

This will cause a need in the market for evaporator coils and air handlers for both the old and new refrigerants through the entire transition period, causing challenges in managing inventory for distributors.

Here’s where ADP’s FlexCoil steps in and provides the solution: a full line of coils and air handlers certified for both refrigerant types. That means FlexCoil is forward- and backward-compatible. So, whether you’re installing an R410A system or one of the new low-GWP systems, FlexCoil has you covered. Ready for tomorrow, today!

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Why FlexCoil?

What makes FlexCoil different?

Dual listed for A1 and A2L refrigerants

  • Marked with refrigerant type at time of install

Field or factory installed Refrigerant Detection System (RDS)

  • Single RDS with dual-calibrated sensor for both R-32 and R-454B
Why choose ADP’s FlexCoil?
  • Unrivaled Flexibility: Future-proof your inventory with coils and air handlers that can be configured in the field to match the refrigerant being installed.
  • Unique Solutions: FlexCoil will be available across all our coil and air handler lines.
  • ADP Quality: Trust in ADP’s commitment to quality and innovation for maximum performance.
What makes FlexCoil the right choice?

Maximizes flexibility for distributors

  • Future-proofs inventory while maintaining backward compatibility
  • Minimizes obsolescence risk
How does FlexCoil make the installation process easy for dealers?
  • Provides a full line of coils and air handlers certified for both refrigerant types
  • Field or factory-installed Refrigerant Detection System (RDS)
    • Single RDS with dual-calibrated sensor for both R-32 and R-454B
    • Field RDS offers one kit with everything needed to make an easy refrigerant change
  • All ADP FlexCoil products come with the sensor bracket preinstalled in the approved location and have mechanical fit connections to install or change the metering device, such as a TXV.

How does FlexCoil simplify the transition to low-GWP refrigerants?

Discuss your transition with your ADP sales agency to develop a customer product strategy for 2024:

FlexCoil Transition Timeline

Factory or field configurable for R-22, R-410A, R-454B, or R-32

When will FlexCoil be available?

FlexCoil options will begin to be available in Q1 2024, with all ADP coil and air handler unit lines transitioning to FlexCoil by mid-year.

Factory Refrigerant Factory RDS
R-410A NO
R-32 YES
R-32 NO
R-454B YES
R-454B NO
Field TXVs
Field RDS
DUAL: R-32 & R-454B

Additional Resources

FlexCoil Webinar

To learn more about our unique FlexCoil offering and how it will make the low-GWP transition easy, watch our webinar below! Hosted by our Director of Product Management and Marketing, Tim Orr.

A2L Refrigerant Building Code Map

This map from AHRI indicates where state and local building codes have been updated or legislation passed to allow equipment using A2L refrigerants.

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FlexCoil Flyer

Share this flyer with your customers to explain how FlexCoil will make the low-GWP transition easy and worry-free.

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How to Install ADP's FlexCoil

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