Dedicated Downflow

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These worry-free dedicated downflow evaporator coils match perfectly with any system and are thoroughly tested to ensure quality and deliver reliable ratings. They’re also designed to save time on installation while ensuring a leak-free system.

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FlexCoil: One coil, any refrigerant.

This product makes it easier to transition to low-GWP in 2024 and beyond.

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Key Features
  • FlexCoil: Engineered for all refrigerants
  • Short height to fit constrained spaces
  • Fits furnace with no additional support needed
  • Better air flow for higher performance versus N-coil
  • Out-of-the-box reliable downflow solution and no kit needed
  • Front panel with only six screws for fast and easy coil access; non-captive refrigerant lines
  • Size: Available 1.5 – 5 tons
Downflow Products are Most Suited in the Following Regions

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A 24 VAC H X R 17 D
A: Vertical
Nominal MBTUH
Slab Number
Copper Slab: VAC, VBV, VCC, etc.
Aluminum Slab: VAA, VBA, VCA, etc.
Metering Device
A: Piston (R-410A) w/ Access Port
H: Non-bleed HP-A/C TXV (R-410A)
X: Embossed
Cabinet Depth
R: 26.5"
Cabinet Width
14: 14.5"
17: 17.5"
21: 21.0"
24: 24.5"
D: Downflow
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