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Advanced Distributor Products offers a wide range of premier HVAC products with exclusive design advantages. We pride ourselves on our quality, flexibility, and solutions. We design our products to fit any application and simplify installation.

Carrier Enterprise has been a trusted and valued ADP partner for years. Just like our products that match perfectly to your system, ADP and Carrier Enterprise match perfectly as well. Together, we never stop striving for excellence in product quality and service.



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Bryant/Payne Evaporator Coil Nomenclature
CE P 36 17 G34 9
Co-Branded Carrier Enterprise Carrier/Bryant/Payne Paint Match
Configuration P = Multi-Position Coil
Nominal MBTU/H 24 36 48 60
Cabinet Width 14 = 14.25” 17 = 17.5” 21 = 21.0” 24 = 24.5”
Slab Number G = Aluminum Slab
Metering Device 9 = Non-bleed HP A/C TXV (R410A)
Bryant/Payne Air Handler Nomenclature
CE C 24 X G22 00 2
Co-Branded Carrier Enterprise
Application C = Compact W = Wall Mount P = Premium
Nominal MBTU/H 24 25 30 31 36 37 42 48 60
Blower Motor Type C = Three Speed X = Five Speed Efficiency
Slab Number G = Aluminum Slab
Electric Heat 00 = None 05 = 5.0 Kw 07 = 7.5 Kw
Voltage 2 = 208/240 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph., with time delay

Products for Carrier Enterprise

* All ADP coils for CE are Carrier/Bryant/Payne color-matched

Low Profile – F Series

  • FlexCoil: Engineered for all refrigerants
  • Compact, lightweight design, up to 12” shorter than the comparable OEM models
  • Multi-position configurations including upflow, downflow, and horizontal left or right
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Compact Wall Mount Air Handler – S Series

  • FlexCoil: Engineered for all refrigerants
  • Compact wall mount to meet the needs of multi-family market for wall or closet installations
  • Compact, lightweight design, at 30” tall and weighing 80 lbs. or less
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Multi-Position – HE Series

  • FlexCoil: Engineered for all refrigerants
  • Lower heights and variable widths for a perfect furnace fit
  • Cased, uncased, multi-position and upflow/ downflow configurations
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Multi-Position and Hydronic Air Handler – B Series

  • FlexCoil: Engineered for all refrigerants
  • Multi-position, hydronic for northern climates where heat can be supplied by electric or hot water
  • Plug and pay multi-function control board
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