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Advanced Distributor Products (ADP) Launches Moduleflex eFurnace™

August 4, 2023

The Future is Electric with ADP

Electrification and decarbonization are causing a rise in demand for heat pump systems. With millions of traditional gas furnace installations across the country, this shift has created a need for a gas furnace replacement. One that makes it as easy as possible for a contractor to replace a gas furnace and air conditioner with a heat pump system.

ADP’s new Moduleflex eFurnace™ is a gas furnace replacement modular blower. It’s designed to match industry-standard furnace footprints. And with either side or bottom return capability, it’s a drop-in replacement in most applications. It’s capable of being installed in vertical upflow or downflow, horizontal left or horizontal right, and out-of-the-box. No kits or conversions are needed. Additionally, at only 30” tall, it is shorter than most gas furnaces. This gives the installer more room to fit a larger evaporator coil and minimizes the need for ductwork modifications during a changeout.

Best of all, the Moduleflex eFurnace™ is powered by a 120-volt, 5-speed, high-efficiency ECM motor, so there’s no need to run a new 240-volt circuit when a gas furnace is being replaced. And the high-efficiency motor can help the system to meet rebate or tax credit efficiency levels for SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2.

Other features include:

  • Multiple knockouts for electrical and thermostat wiring minimize any changes needed
  • A screw-down terminal strip with 5 motor speeds to select from, for quick and easy thermostat wiring
  • A front door with only 4 screws for total access, featuring a handle to make it easy to remove
  • A fully insulated cabinet and panels to reduce sound levels
  • A provided bottom return block-off plate to be utilized for side return applications

The Future is Electric with ADP