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M Series premier evaporator coils are uniquely designed to save customers time on installation.

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FlexCoil: One coil, any refrigerant.

This product makes it easier to transition to low-GWP in 2024 and beyond.

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Key Features
  • FlexCoil: Engineered for all refrigerants
  • Manufactured housing application
  • Filter friendly top plate
  • Sized out down-turned headers for easy line brazing
  • Coils charged with dry air for greater flexibility with both R-22 and R-210A applications
  • Low water retention drain pan design with built-in downflow drip shields
  • Size: Available 1.5 – 5 tons
M Series Products are Most Suited in the Following Regions

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M 24 E32 9
M: Manufactured Housing (Uncased)
Nominal MBTUH
Slab No.
Metering Device
1: Piston (R-410A)
9: Non-bleed HP-A/C TXV (R-410A)
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