How do I register a product for extended warranty?

Please contact your contractor or installer regarding any specific questions about your product or warranty.
Registration can be completed on

If I have questions about my warranty, who do I contact?

Contact the contractor that installed your equipment.

What is an evaporator coil?

An evaporator coil is the indoor component of an air conditioning system. If your home is equipped with central air conditioning, there are three main components; the evaporator coil, furnace and condenser. The majority of systems have an outdoor unit, known as the condensing unit, and an indoor unit which is the evaporator coil. Coils consist of refrigerant that allows air to be cooled as it passes over it. Evaporator coils are usually found mounted on top of the home furnace.

I’ve heard of many large air conditioning companies, but I have not heard of Advanced Distributor Products (ADP). Why not?

ADP is the largest manufacturer of evaporator coils in the U.S. One reason that you may not have heard of our company is because we sell our products directly to heating and air conditioning distributors. Although ADP does not sell directly to the consumer, we want homeowners, distributors and dealers to know about our premier coils, understand the benefits and inquire further about purchasing our products.

My furnace and outdoor unit are made by another company and my evaporator coil or air handler is made by Advanced Distributor Products (ADP). Why are they different?

As the largest manufacturer of residential evaporator coils, you will see our premier coils matched with multiple equipment brands of furnaces and outdoor units. ADP coils are high quality, trouble free coils that feature Microban® antimicrobial product protection. If your contractor has installed an ADP coil, it is because they have provided an upgrade to your system for you and your family. They install ADP products because they are Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) matched with multiple equipment brands. AHRI is an independent company that is the industry standard for efficiency ratings. If you have ADP, you have the best.

Does Advanced Distributor Products (ADP) sell directly to the homeowner?
No. Homeowners can purchase ADP products directly from dealers or contractors in your local area.

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