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Modular Blower Air Handlers

ADP modular blowers offer flexible options, including electric heat or hot water heat models. Our air handlers are 100% run tested to ensure reliable performance and are designed to save time on installation. ADP modular blowers are the ideal choice for a variety of applications.

No Heat Unit / Gas Furnace

eFurnace is a true replacement for an existing gas furnace.

No Heat Unit Features:

• Fits within the existing unit’s footprint
• No modification needed to the current system
• High efficiency 5-speed ECM motor

Product Features:

Multi-Position | Meets installation requirements for flexible configurations

No Heat | Provides options for heating requirements

With or Without Pump | Compatible with multiple water heat systems

Side Return Capable | Offers solutions to alleviate installation constraints

ADP Coil Match | Combine with an ADP coil to create a complete air handler and reduce SKUs

Simplified Installation | Easy access for simple installation


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